Customer Testimonials

Coffee Tea Lover

A fond lover of coffee purchased a Eureka Dry Cabinet to keep his coffee powder and beans free from moisture. Subsequently, tea leaves and medical products were added into the cabinet; both of which are sensitive to moisture and irregular humidity levels. He also mentioned that coffee beans and coffee powder are prone to mildew growth when it’s stored in a humid and damp condition.

Although coffee beans are roasted in high temperate, there is still a high chance of bacteria growth when it’s not properly stored. Additionally, It’s very hard to get rid of mildew once it leeches on the products. 

Therefore, to prevent coffee beans from losing its fragrance and freshness, it must be preserved in a Eureka Drycabinet.



Ark Audio Store

Ark Audio Store is not only a store for your audio equipment needs but also a museum that houses many limited edition headphones and headsets. According to the store owner, moisture in the air will damage the headphone diaphragms, compromise sound quality and reduce equipment lifespan.

Hence, he put his faith on Eureka Drycabinet to protect these expensive audio collection from the harmful effects of moisture and humidity.


Mr Xie Fiddle Collection

Mr Xie is a professional violinist and a music teacher from the northern part of Taiwan.

Mr Xie teaches beyond playing techniques and music appreciation, he puts great emphasis on proper storage for these moisture sensitive instruments as moisture can easily damage the delicate sound quality of these wooden instruments.

According to him, violins should be kept in a dry environment under a relative humidity level of 55% to avoid condensation. So Mr Xie seeks out Eureka's expertise to customize a drycabinet that fits two of his precious violins.