Dry Cabinets for Cinematography Equipment at Arrow Studios

Arrow Studio

Arrow Studio began its business as a cinematography equipment rental agency in Taiwan. Since then, Arrow studio has expanded its operation to include props and sets.

In its facility, there are various types of equipment related to video production within the studio, including lighting and other cinematography tools.

Arrow Studio sought Eureka as protection for their cinematography equipment due to Taiwan's high humidity environment. The humidity level is especially worse at the location of Arrow Studio in Linkou's mountainous area. The ultimate decision to choose Eureka's product for their equipment's production is because it is "durable, easy to use, and has minimal breakdowns." Furthermore, the simplicity of use after initial setup is the key selling point for Arrow Studio's hectic environment. There are no constant maintenance required after setting up and calibrating the dry cabinet.This is why Arrow Studio has repeatedly select and trust Eureka's products for their equipment's protection.

With such an extensive collection of high end cinematography equipment, Eureka is proud to be the choice selection for Arrow Studios in providing our services in moisture protection. 

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