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Humidity Controlled Storage for Photo, Films, Negatives, and Other Work Products

Eureka Dry Tech Film StorageEureka Dry Tech Film StorageEureka Dry Tech Film Storage

Films, whether acetate and nitrate, WILL deteriorate over time! Whether slowly or rapidly depends on the temperature and RH of the storage environment. Acetate films will begin to degrade in about 50 years at ideal conditions. However, periods of higher temperature or relative humidity will accelerate the process. Only cold and dry environment will slow it down. Newly processed film stored in cool (72°F/21°C or less) or cold (50°F/or 10°C or less) at moderate RH (20% to 50%) can be expected to last for centuries. The same film stored under poor conditions may last only a few decades. 

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Inkject Paper

Photo printed on inkjet paper can also be maintained for long periods of time if the storage environment is optimal. Protecting the paper from light, swings in humidity, dust, and atmospheric contaminants is important. Do not expose prints to direct sunlight. Heat and UV radiation will greatly accelerate fade and paper damage. Always store prints in a climate controlled environment. 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity are the benchmarks you should look to when storing prints.

The good news is that Eureka's dry cabinet products can protect your photos, films, negatives, and other work products from moisture damage and ferrotyping on top of each other or on to protective sleeves. Film-based collections with proper storage environment will minimize the risk of decay-related damage.

Our Archival Series are designed to for efficient and effective storage or Photo, Films, Negatives, and Other documents.

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