Eureka's Technology

Operation of Drying Units of EUREKA AUTO DRYBOX

Dehumidifying Principles

  1. Each Dehumidifying Cycle involves 4 hours. The first 0.5 hour is at “Exhaustion Stage” and the next 3.5 hour is at “Absorption Stage”.
  2. Exhaustion Stage: The moisture inside the drying unit is exhausted into the air. During this stage, the indicator inside the cabinet is light on and the back indicator in the back of cabinet is light on.
  3. Absorption Stage: The moisture inside the cabinet will be absorbed into the drying unit. During this stage, it is in the power-saving condition. The indicator inside the cabinet will be OFF and the back indicator will be OFF as well.


Definition of Indicators on Dry Unit

  1. Indicator inside the cabinet: “Moisture-Exhausted Indicator”. It will be light on during Exhaustion Stage.
  2. Indicator light located at the back of the cabinet will be turned on when the cabinet is consuming power during either of these functions
             i. When cabinet is in "Exhausted' Stage, expelling moisture out of the cabinet.
             ii. When the controller is set at "H" i.e. high absorbency, the back indicator will always be lighted.



  1. Automatic Dry Unit System continuously traps moisture from inside the cabinet
  2. When moisture is being trapped, the air around the dry unit becomes drier and rises, the heavier moisture-laden air will in turn fall. This causes an automatic air circulation within the cabinet
  3. Continuous air circulations create a consistent RH condition inside the cabinet.
  4. Spread out the items in the cabinet for air to circulate smoothly.