Keeping Medicine in Eureka DryCabinets

These days, many medications cost more than a dollar a pill. To maximize your investment you must treat your prescriptions properly. These complex molecular structures may begin to break down within minutes when exposed to high heat and humidity.

Pharmaceutical companies take great care to maintain quality control during the manufacture and initial shipment of their medicines. Each box goes out with an expiration date. But once it leaves the warehouse the process breaks down.

People who rely on mail-order medications during the summer may be at special risk. Trucks that transport pills from warehouses are rarely refrigerated. The temperature can skyrocket during shipment.

Even when people buy their pills in a pharmacy and get them home safely, storing them properly may be the weakest link in the chain. The bathroom medicine chest is probably the worst possible place to keep drugs.

If a tablet changes color or begins to crumble, that's a sign that time, temperature or humidity are taking their toll. Some medications give off a telltale odor when they begin to break down. Aspirin, for example, smells like vinegar. But most medicines don't provide obvious clues to their chemical changes.

That's why it is important to discard drugs that have been collecting dust in the medicine chest. While over-the-counter products now come with expiration dates printed on the package, most prescriptions have only the date they are dispensed. Experts recommend that all medications be discarded by either the manufacturers' expiration date or one year from the date of dispensing, whichever comes first.

When product labels say “protect from moisture,” store the product in a space with no more than 60% relative humidity. To reduce the effects of humidity, store your medicine and other health supplements in a DryCabinet.

Whether in a pharmacy, medical or scientific lab, there are many items that are hygroscopic. Protect medication, chemicals and reagents from moisture absorption with Eureka Auto Dry Box today.


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