Drycabinets for Stamps

You can never hope to completely shield your philatelic stamps from pollution, temperature, and humidity; however, you can slow their harmful effects. There are several measures you can take to protect and preserve your collection.

 Besides ensuring all materials that come into contact with your covers and stamps should be of archival quality materials, the environmental conditions in which they are stored in is of utmost importance.

 Factors which affect your collection involves Relative humidity and Temperature. Drastic fluctuations in either of these conditions should be avoided as a sudden change of relative humidity can cause damage through uneven expansion or contraction of the items. Excessive humidity can cause mildew and gum to become sticky, stability in this environmental condition is key.

 Stamp collecting need not be an expensive hobby, but one area in which one should not save is the quality of a good and reliable Electronic Dry Cabinet.

 Take care of your stamp collection and it will repay you a lifetime of enjoyment.