Suitable Humidity Levels for Leather Bags

Leather and faux leather products are best kept in a dry environment  with humidity levels ranging between 30 ~ 50%.

Collectors are advise to keep leather products in a cool, dry and well ventilated (Bags are like us, they need to constantly breathe fresh air). Storage of items in plastic containers is not advisable because this can lead to discolouration of the leather.

Low Humidity levels set too low will cause leather & faux leather to crack easily while High Humidity or heat levels will cause fungus to grow easily and cause materials such as faux leather to have chemical reactions which may cause discolouration and the material to peel off.

Typical Humidity levels in Singapore may hit as high as 90% RH so its important to protect your leather pieces in a Dry Cabinet to invest in a quality dehumidifier to maintain your quality leather pieces.