Trouble Shoot Guide

In order to identify the source of the problem, please assist by performing the test below and provide us with your test results. 
Dry Unit Test
  1. Please unplug the power cord from power source.
  2. Clear out the cabinet (remove all stored items)
  3. After 5-10 minutes, adjust the core unit control knob to H, attach plug to power source and report whether light indicators on the front and rear turns on
  4. After closing the cabinet door for 5 minutes, place your hand near the core unit's exhuast port at the back of the cabinet and see whether any vapors are expelled.
  5. After about 30 minutes, does the front indicator light run off?
  6. Allow the cabinet to operate for 12 hours. During this time, do not open the door. After 12 hours. the hygrometer should read below 40% RH. If so, adjust the controller to the desired level and begin to place items in for dry storage.
Hygrometer Test
  1. Gently tap hygrometer with fingers to see if the needle moves
  2. Open the cabinet door and place a wet towel near the back of the hygrometer. The hygrometer should move rapidly towards higher RH% level.
Light Indicator Test
1. The light on the core unit inside the dry box
  • When the light is on , the core unit is operating to expel the moisture (About 30 minute cycle)
  • When the light is off, the core unit is absorbing the moisture inside the cabinet automatically without any power ( This is why the light is off.)
Note: The entire cycle will take about 4~5 hours
2.The light indicator on the back of the cabinet
  • When the RH control knob is set to H, the power light stay on.
  • When the RH control knob is set to M or L, the power light will turn off after the desired moist level has been reached. When the humidity level goes up, the indicator light will come on again during automatic operating cycle.
If the problem persist, feel free to contact us again!