3D Printing Filament DryCabinet


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  • Automatic 20~50%RH at ambient temperature
  • Totally silent operation, no moving parts
  • Maintenance free, self-regenerative drying agent
  • Minimal electricity consumption, Hygrometer does not use batteries/electricity
  • Comes with a Spool Hanger which can hold up 25kg worth of spools
Capacity : 79 liters
Dimensions (cm) : Ext: W40 x H 55.5 x D40.5 , lnt: 32 x H 46.0 x D32.5
Ave Power consumption : Avg 13W, Max 100W
Accessories included : 1 x Spool Hanger 1 x German Analog Hygrometer
RH Range : 20% ~ 50%
Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty

3D Printing Filament DryCabinet

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