What Is A Dry Cabinet?

What is a Eureka Dry Cabinet / Dry Box / Electronic Desiccator

Dry Cabinets /Dry Box/ Electronic Desiccators are air-tight automatic dehumidifying storage cabinets which protect objects from moisture & humidity related damages such as mold, mildew, fungus, rust, oxidation, warping, etc. 

Dry Cabinets are suitable for photography equipment, music instruments, moisture sensitive materials in high-tech manufacture/R&D, information records & digital media, precision analytical instruments & equipment, dry food and medication, personal collectibles & museum collections, and so on. 

EUREKA is the global product brand manufactured in Taiwan that provides the best dehumidifying technology in the world. Eureka has sold millions of dry cabinets, dry boxes, electronic desiccators with an excellent reputation from countless global users in various fields such as:

  • Research & Development Laboratories,
  • High Tech & Electronic Manufacturing Services,
  • Corporate & Enterprise Entities,
  • Museum and Private Collectors,
  • Retail and Service,
  • Educational Institutions and Research Centres,
  • Government, Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc. 

Eureka Dry Tech Dry Cabinet Description

Eureka's Advantage 

  • Fully Automatic– Just plug-in, turn on the power and dehumidification is performed automatically without water tanks to empty, pipes to route or consumables to replace.
  • Power Saving– Minimal power consumption. Continues to dehumidify and monitor RH levels even when power supply is interrupted.
  • NTP Operation– Silent operations at ambient temperature and pressure without △T effects or pressure variation.
  • Long Service Life– Dependable operation with long service life and limited core unit failure rate.
  • Unlike a heated cabinet or dehumidifier, Eureka operates in ambient temperature while maintaining low humidity, so items are protected from warping & deformation due to excessive heat effect.
  • Eureka's dehumidifier "core units" utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves, a powerful desiccant that is reusable without any consumable replacement parts, thus saves electricity and resources.
  • Eureka Dry Tech's dehumidifier "core units" are constructed with new high-tech Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs) material so there are no mechanical motors can operate silently without any maintenance
  • Our glass doors are made of tempered glass which provides safety and strength.

Eureka's Characteristics:

  • Storage capacity sizes ranging from 20 litres to 1300 litres, meeting all storage application requirements.
  • Total silent operation
  • Maintenance free with no replacement parts, no water tanks to empty
  • Minimal electricity consumption
  • Easy to setup