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Dehumidification storage is an integral part of any laboratory facility in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food processing, Chemical or Medical industries.

Drying Cabinets are clean and dry storage environments for sterile rooms and laboratories. You can store critical samples, chemicals, reagents, forensic materials, biological cultures, glass instruments and precision calibrated laboratory equipment. Dry Cabinets not only offers a stable relative humidity, it also protect materials and equipment from the harmful effects of moisture which causes inaccurate results and unusable data.

Optical equipment have great sensitivity to moisture. Once humidity levels beyond 60% RH, mold and fungus will start to form on the surfaces of lenses and other optical devices and it is impossible to remove the mold completely because of the microscopic structure of lenses. Dry Cabinets not only preserves the integrity of your test and functionality of your equipment, it also reduce the costs of repairs and replacements.

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