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Records Filing Dry Cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech GD-1000 Auto Dry Box in archive

Whether it’s governmental archives such as:

  • Annual reports
  • Hearing transcripts
  • Meeting minutes
  • Photographs

Or corporate enterprise archives, maintaining historic documents and records related to company history and administration such as:

  • Employee records
  • Business transactions
  • Contracts

All of the above records must be archived. Records maintained/housed in complex large-scale environments can present moisture damage, water logging, and environmental control problems. Eureka’s products can effectively solve all moisture problems.


Many articles have mentioned the importance of proper storage of magnetic tapes and recommendations have been incorporated into published standards covering relative humidity, temperature and air purity. Storage at high humidity ( > 70% RH) will result in the high moisture content in the tape pack and degradation of the binder will occur.

On the other hand, high humidity will also increase tape pack stresses as the tape absorbs moisture from the air and expands, causing distortion of the tape backing and an increase in permanent dropouts.

Fungal growth is another problem that occurs in high humidity as molds can live off the binder polymer and added components and cause a binder breakdown. Hairy growths at the edges of the tape are another sign of mold and these spores can get onto the tape surface and cause many dropouts.

For important archival records stored in LTO tapes, the recommended humidity for medium to long term storage is 20% ~ 50%. Proper storage of videotapes protects the tape from organic mold growth and other damage that adds noise to the images reducing the quality of the recorded material.


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