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How Should You Store Microscopes :

Modern variety of professional lenses are coated with a multi-layer film composed of a polymer material and this layer of synthetic material provides a wealth of nutrients for fungal growth and reproduction. Optical lens instruments maintained in high humidity areas may unknowingly allow fungus & mold to cultivate. 

Once on set, fungi will consume the optical lens surface film and spread on the surface of the lens, interrupting light transmission and deteriorate image, until mycelium covers the entire lens. 

  • When the ambient temperature is above 10 ℃ and humidity above 60% of the environment, mold begins to cause harmful damage. 
  • When the ambient temperature is at 20-35 ℃ and humidity at 75-95%, mold growth will become explosive. 

Prevention is the key to effectively avoid fungal damage to optical. And the best preventive solution is to store microscopes in Eureka’s Dry cabinets.

Below are 2 models which we recommend for storing Microscopes:


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