Fast Super Dryer

< 5% 10% 20% Precise

Turbo Series

10% – 50% Controllable

Auto Dry Box

25% – 55% Controllable

Archival Series

25% – 55% Controllable

  XDC Series SDC Series TD Series TUS Series
Range < 5% RH < 10% RH < 20% RH 10%~50% RH
Control Mode Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Recovery Time Within 30 mins back to < 5% RH Within 30 mins back to < 10% RH Within 30 mins back to < 20% RH Within 2 hours back to < 20% RH
Applications Infinite storage of MSDs at extra-low humidity Dehumidifying storage of unpacked MSDs during SMT/PCB processing Stable low humidity storage of hygroscopic components andprecision equipment Low humidity storage of materials and equipment with controllable wide ranging RH levels

Eureka’s Fast Super Dryer (extra-low humidity electronic dry cabinet) cabinets meets IPC / JEDEC Standard J-STD-033B which indicates MSD (moisture sensitive devices) stored in < 10% RH or < 5% RH to elongate floor life.

Physical Aspects of Fast Super Dry

Uni-Stat Pte Ltd.


Dual Sensor Design

  • Sensors, built-in each of the drying system and the hygrometer provides RH monitoring independent of each other.

ESD safe cabinet body

  • FAST SUPER DRYER has anti-static painting, anti-static glass, anti-static shelves, anti-static stands / casters and a ground wire with 1MΩ.

Dehumidification at Room Temperature

  • No thermal and moisture re-trapping effects, like from baking ovens.


  • Stable and reliable Humidity Control < 5%RH (XDC series), < 10%RH (SDC series), < 20%RH (TD series) or 10%~50%RH (TUS series)
  • Fast dehumidification recovery time
  • No requirement of N2 or Dry air purge
  • Fully automatic cycle for moisture adsorption, moisture de-adsorption / exhaustion and regeneration of drying materials.
  • Meet IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033B
  • Dehumidification continues even if accidentally powered off

Uni-Stat Pte Ltd.
Uni-Stat Pte Ltd.