Characteristics of Eureka Fast Super Dryer Ultra Low Humidity Dessicator Cabinet

– Dual RH Sensor Design
Built-in independent moisture sensors in the drying system and hygrometer provides RH monitoring independent of each other.

– Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Safe 
All of Eureka Dry Tech’s Fast Super Dryers are equipped with anti-static: paint, glass, shelves, stands/casters and a ground wire with 1MΩ for your storage protection  meeting IEC-61340-5-1 (ESD) Standard.

– Dehumidification at Room Temperature
Unlike baking ovens, Eureka’s Fast Super Dryers do not have thermal and moisture re-trapping effects. Eliminates breakdowns of protective coatings, lead oxidation, intermetallic buildup and reduces solder ability of circuit boards

  XDC series SDC series TD series TUS series
Range < 5% RH <10% RH <20% RH 10%~50% RH
Control Mode Automatic Automatic Automatic Manual
Recovery Time <5% RH within 30 minutes    <10% RH within 30 minutes   <20% RH within 30 minutes    <20% RH within 2 hours 
Applications Ultra-low humidity infinite storage of MSD. Ultra low humidity storage for MSDs during SMT assembly / PCB manufacturing, packaging, and processing. Stable low humidity storage of hygroscopic components and precision equipment/instruments. Low humidity storage of materials and equipment with wide range controllable RH levels.