Moisture problems solved with Eureka’s Ultra-low Humidity Storage Dry Cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech’s JEDEC dry cabinets, dry boxes, and desiccators will provide ultra-low humidity storage environment conforming to IPC/JEDECJ-STD 033 & IPC-1601, storage and handling standards for MSDs and PCBs. 

Similar to an oven, Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryer also dehumidifies during storage, providing alternative drying methods optimal for removing moisture in all moisture sensitive materials in SMT production, solving all moisture damage problems during reflow process.

  • Baking process uses high temperature to dry PCBs and will cause breakdowns of protective coatings, lead oxidation, intermetallic buildup and reduces solder ability of circuit boards.
  • Nitrogen and clean dry air purge is costly and will only force moisture from the storage cabinet providing a humidity controlled environment. Nitrogen purging will not dry or remove moisture that has absorbed into the moisture sensitive materials, components or devices.