Theory of Operation

Eureka Dry Tech Dry Cabinet Dehumidifier Core Unit Working Principles

Eureka Dry Tech’s Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet & Electronic Desiccators utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves in its dehumidifier core units and involves two two stages. The first stage is the “Adsorption Stage” and the next stage is the “Exhaust & Regeneration Stage.”


Dehumidifier Core Unit Adsorption Stage:

During the adsorption stage, the dehumidifier core unit’s valve doors open on the inside and seals from the outside. This allows moisture inside the dry cabinet to be naturally adsorbed into the multi-porous molecular sieves in the core unit. During this stage, the core unit performs its desiccating function without any power consumption and will continue to desiccate even when power supply is interrupted. Operational light indicators inside the cabinet will remain off during this time.

Dehumidifier Core Unit Exhaust Stage:

The core unit valve doors automatically seals inside the dry cabinet and open vents outwards to exhaust & expel the moisture absorbed from inside the Dry Box. During this stage, operational indicators will be on.


Moisture adsorbed by the multi-porous molecular sieves is expelled by the drying unit and the core unit is automatically regenerated for moisture adsorption. There are no water tanks to empty, desiccant bags & packs to replace, or any other maintenance required by the user. Simply plug in the power cord, set the desired RH level and the Eureka Auto Dry Box will begin its dehumidifying operation cycle. The core unit performs the moisture adsorption process without any power required. Thus is safe and clean for the environment.


Additional features of Eureka Auto Dry Boxes, Dry Cabinets, Electronic Desiccators are:

  1. Fully adjustable dehumidification range from 1%-60% RH, with variable speeds for reaching your desired RH level.
  2. Integrable with other technologies such as low temp refrigeration, humidifier, HEPA, nitrogen (N2) & dry air purge system, UV & anti-bacterial, temperature control & management systems, satisfying special environment needs for research and development.
  3. Constant temperature, constant pressure, power saving, durable and fully automatic operation.
  4. Fully sealed cabinet, prevents dust while keeping items moisture free.

Eureka’s Automatic Desiccating Core Units are:

  1. User Friendly: Simply plug in the device, set the desired RH level and the core unit will take care of the rest.
  2. Durable Design: Core units are known for long service life span, proven by millions of users around the world.
  3. Economical: Consumes minimal electricity (averaging 4w/hr) with no regular maintenance or service parts.
  4. Stable: Continuous and silent operation with no affect on ambient noise.
  5. Safe: No compressors, so no overheating concerns to worry about.