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Humidity is invisible and the greatest natural harm to photography equipment.’

Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box humidity controlled dry boxes protects from lens fungusHumidity is invisible to the naked eyes and is the greatest enemy of photography equipment. Condensation can occur on lens surfaces and internal circuit boards. When condensation sets, it could lead to problems with mold, corrosion, decay, oxidation, rust and other moisture-related deterioration on all photo equipment.




Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box humidity controlled dry boxes protects from sensors from humidity damageAs condensation collect over time, fungus, rust, oxidation, and mold begins to develop. Before long performance issues and failures will appear. The damage caused by humidity does not distinguish from equipment manufacturer or any particular fields. All are susceptible to the harm caused by humidity. 




Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box humidity controlled dry boxes protects sensors from excessive moistureHumidity soaked up by your equipment becomes condensation, especially in discreet areas you cannot see during your regular equipment maintenance and cleaning process 





Eureka’s Dry Cabinet is the Best Moisture Control Solution for Photography, Cinematography and Optical Equipment

The most common causes of photography and cinematography equipment damage are fungus development on the lens, lens glue separation, worn-off coating, aperture failure, focus ring too tight, lens oil leakage, infinity focus failure, dust particles, and damaged coating.

When optical lenses are exposed to more than 60% RH, they are threatened by fungus, which causes irreversible damages such as etching on the lens. The fungus develops and proliferated at 60%RH & 12℃~38℃. The rate of fungus growth will speed up at 80%-95% RH. Once fungus develops on the lens, the photos/images taken will lose significant resolution and quality.

When not in use, photography and cinematography equipment should be stored in an environment with a humidity range between 40%-50% RH.


Eureka Dry Cabinet requires no consumable parts and humidity levels are automatically maintained at the optimal storage environment of 40%~50%RH. Simply store all of your equipment immediately after returning from the field and remove any moisture absorbed. Eureka’s moisture control technology will do all the work while maintaining your equipment in optimal storage conditions when not in use.

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